Dave Atkins

Pray for my mother-in-law’s cousin, Dave Atkins, who had major heart surgery a couple of weeks ago and now is having difficulty breathing. Doctors are determining if they need to do a tracheotomy.

Sep-28 / no prayers yet
Jerry and Faye Ayers

Jerry Ayers had a stroke ten months ago, his wife Faye has been his caretaker! Faye has now had a stroke!!!! She has a lot ahead of her to recover!!!!

Sep-20 / last prayer 17h ago
Sandy Dodgen

Please pray for my son-in-laws father. He is in Paulding Hospital and was Dx with stage 4 throat cancer. They only gave him 6 months. Pray for my grandkids and they are so young and don't understand

Sep-25 / last prayer 17h ago
Brittany Rogers

Brittany Rogers needs prayers of strength as she goes through medical testing today.

Sep-19 / last prayer 17h ago
Remi Emerson

Please pray for my friend’s young daughter, Remi, who was in a tragic drowning accident on Monday. She is currently in the PICU at VCU in Virginia. The next 24 hours are critical.

Sep-28 / last prayer 6h ago

I believe God is about to perform a miracle for my family. I am a single mom who has been struggling financially and is fighting to keep a roof over my head. Pray God stops the pending eviction. Thank

Sep-25 / last prayer 14h ago

Hello! I just wanted to ask for prayer for one of my university professors. He just lost his sister and his dad also passed recently. Please pray that God may bring him comfort and peace. Thanks!

Sep-21 / last prayer 17h ago

Prayer for my son, who recently got out of the Navy, and relocated here , for his job interview @Lockheed this Tuesday, and God's direction for his new path in life.

Sep-18 / last prayer 14h ago

I had gall bladder surgery yesterday. Please pray for my healing and quick recovery. Pray that the pain will ease up.

Sep-23 / last prayer 14h ago
Ken, Kim & Joseph Burrows

Please pray for the Burrows family. They lost their beautiful special needs daughter, Beth to cancer.

Sep-20 / last prayer 4h ago

I'm in need of prayer. I'm in recovery from a 16 year battle with Alcoholism, Depression , Anxiety and Codependency.

Sep-26 / last prayer 14h ago

Milo is an infant diagnosed with with Covid, RSV, and Rhinovirus.

Sep-18 / last prayer 14h ago

Please pray for me on 10/3 I have jury duty. Please pray that I can get out of it. I am a caregiver to my elderly parents.

Sep-21 / last prayer 17h ago
Nancy B.

Nancy B., has stage four pancreatic cancer, she’s in a lot pain!!! Will be starting chemo soon!

Sep-20 / last prayer 14h ago
Marnisha Taylor

I pray to have understanding. I also pray that the Holy spirit would come upon me. I pray to have a relationship with God. I pray that God would help me overcome the obstacles in my life.

Sep-13 / last rejoice 17h ago
Patricia J. Boatright

Having 2 seperate heart procedures on Monday September 26th! Prayers for good results on both!

Sep-24 / last prayer 17h ago
Steve Donalson

Steve has issues with his liver, he gets discouraged and needs our prayers! Prayers for all his family also!

Sep-25 / last prayer 6h ago

My Mother Nancy needs a miracle. She has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer/Liver. Her first Chemo is 9-27-22 at 9:30 am. Pray Healing, Peace, Comfort, Joy, Strength, Courage, and No Fear. In Jesus Christ Amen

Sep-26 / last prayer 14h ago

My husband needs prayers. He is being spiritually attacked and he needs deliverance from the lies. Please lift him up. As a wife, it’s so hard to sit by and watch.

Sep-28 / last prayer 4h ago

Prayers for my sister who is having major medical problems Please pray for a miracle. Healing, Strength, Wisdom, Peace, and the Power of God to touch her and make her whole again. In Jesus Christ Amen

Sep-26 / last prayer 14h ago